February 21, 2020 10:06 am


Debitos credit marketplace is expanding rapidly

Transaction volume increases to almost five billion euros.

The Frankfurt credit marketplace Debitos is growing and growing: in 2019 alone, 26 transactions with a nominal volume of more than 630 million euros were carried out via the online platform. This brings the total volume of all deals that have been conducted via Debitos since the company was founded to almost five billion euros. Currently, more than 800 investors are registered with Debitos, who bid on the loans offered – and for 2020 alone, buyers have capital of well over 20 billion euros available for credit transactions.

Internationalization continues to advance

Debitos is now active in 16 EU countries, but most of the transactions at the Frankfurt company still come from the German domestic market. But this will change in 2020, as founder and CEO Timur Peters confirms: “We have invested a lot of heart, time and money in the internationalization of Debitos in recent years – and this is now paying off.” Currently, almost 15 transactions from five different countries are running on the online platform. From Italy alone, Timur Peters expects a new deal volume of more than one billion euros for 2020.

New asset classes in 2020

In the past 2019 financial year, mainly non-performing loans and insolvency claims were sold via debitos. It is already apparent that new asset classes will be added in 2020. “There is a lot of movement in the Schuldschein market in particular. More and more banks and savings banks want to sell their securities. We are talking about the entire spectrum, i.e. from well to less well performing Schuldschein loans. We are currently in contact with numerous Schuldschein lenders willing to sell, the first transactions were already processed via our platform at the end of 2019,” says Timur Peters.  According to Peters, there will also be a lot happening in the real estate sector. Especially in Spain, banks are parting with real estate on a large scale, which they had to take on their own balance sheets in the course of insolvency proceedings.

This post was written by Jens Secker

(Image rights: istockphoto.com/jotily)

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