Does the seller know the bidders?

The seller has the complete control and can choose between an auction with open and closed bidder circle. In the case of an open offer, each registered investor can place bids. In the case of a closed bidder circle, the seller determines which investors are invited to the auction.

Does the buyer know the seller?

Potential bidders with access to the dataroom also know the seller.

Can the seller determine a minimum price?

For each offer on Debitos, the seller specifies an individual minimum price. Bidders will not know the amount of the minimum price until their bids exceed it.

What happens if the minimum price is not reached?

If the minimum price of the seller is not reached, no transaction will be concluded. The seller has, however, the opportunity to offer his auction again at a fixed price according to the first-come, first-serve principle („buy now“ button).

How is the minimum price determined?

The minimum price is determined by the seller and should reflect the market price.

How is the price of the first bid determined?

Each auction has a starting price from where on the first bids can be placed. This price depends on the structure of the offer and is determined by Debitos.

How long does a typical auction take on Debitos?

The seller determines the duration of his offer. Depending on the extent of due diligence, an auction should take between two and eight weeks.

What happens when bids are placed just before auction ends?

If an investor places his bid during the last three minutes of an auction, it is automatically extended by three minutes. This gives each bidder the opportunity to place the highest bid.

When is the purchase and assignment contract negotiated?

The sales via Debitos avoids lengthy contract negotiations. Instead, the seller makes his purchase and assignment contract available as part of due diligence. For unsecured loans, Debitos offers standardized contract template for usage.

What information is provided in the dataroom?

In general: More information results in higher purchase prices. Seller can either use the sample files provided by Debitos or provide their own files.

How does Debitos ensure data protection?

Debitos was developed in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act. All data are stored in a data center in Europe, which meets the high requirements of the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz). In addition, a 256-bit SSL encryption is used in the data transmission. All users of the platform submit to the data protection.

Who pays the charges?

In addition to the fee which is due in the case of an Acceptance of bid (Consignment Fee), a so-called Listing fee of 5,000 Euros is due when the claims are placed on our platform.  The Seller bears the Listing fee. The Seller shall pay the Consignment fee unless it is otherwise stated in the Sales offer that the Buyer shall pay such Consignment fee. The amount of the fees can be viewed on the website.