Additional services

Additional services

Creditor coordination

Multi-creditor loans are one of the most difficult NPL types to be resolved by financial operators. The existence of multiple creditors and their poor coordination lead to uncertainty about rights to debtor’s assets and cash flows (with longer resolution times, difficulties and costs related to cooperating with other concurrent creditors), lower investor participation in the sale processes of this kind of assets and a larger negative impact on asset values. 


Debitos’ new product Creditor Coordination will help creditors and investors to gain the maximum of their investments through coordinated sales activities. The following coordinated loan sales are supported:

  • Sale from one creditor to another creditor on the same debtor
  • Sale from several creditors to a 3rd party investor
  • Request from one investor to buy all loans/claims of a specific debtor
Creditor Coordination

Consolidation by one investor of the debt would both reduce credit management and creditor coordination time and costs and accelerate and increase recoveries, improving prices of NPLs and reducing losses to the banks. Gains from improved creditor coordination are estimated by the ECB to be nearly 6% of the loan’s GBV. 



White Label Technology

Debitos provides its best-of-class loan transaction platform as a White Label solution connected to the Debitos marketplace and its unique registered investors database. Equipped with enhanced backend-control financial institutions can execute transaction fully autonomously with their well-experienced team. Through the connection to the marketplace several benefits can be enjoyed, like:

  • Access to the growing investors community
  • Receival of marketplace updates with new functionalities
  • Well-established and accepted trading standards (T&Cs, NDAs, SPAs)
  • Privileged access to business intelligence from the marketplace


The solution comes with a customizable back-end solution to monitor the full sales funnel at a glance and Single Sign-ON/SAML integration to centralize organization access.


Newest reference project with doValue:

CI branded solution

Enhanced Backend-Control with Sales Funnel

Banks & 3rd parties

Debitos provides ready-to-use APIs with leading software providers in the debt management software industry, as well as single sign-on functionalities and batch processing. This integration for professional debt managers improves the service level by reducing the time and effort to access Debitos, create listings, upload loan data tapes and documentation in a structured way to Debitos’ data room and monitor listings and bids. Ultimately, this will lead to  an end-to-end solution that generates the highest outcome with the best-in-class automatization grade.