April 1, 2020 11:16 am

Blackrock CEO: “The world will be a different place”

Larry Fink sees tremendous opportunities for investors

In his 44 years in the financial industry, Larry Fink has experienced nothing like this. Indices in all parts of the world have crashed as a result of the spread of the corona pandemic. The current crisis has far-reaching effects on people. “If we overcome this crisis, the world will be a different place,” writes the Blackrock CEO in a letter to his shareholders.

However, Fink sees light at the end of the tunnel: “The world will survive this crisis. The economy will recover” – also thanks to the determined intervention of the central banks. He said that we must now look ahead. Investors would now be offered “tremendous opportunities”.

“At BlackRock, we take a long-term view of markets, and we take a long-term view in the way we run our company,” Fink said. “The world will get through this crisis. The economy will recover. And for those investors who keep their eyes not on the shaky ground at our feet, but on the horizon ahead, there are tremendous opportunities to be had in today’s markets.″ CNBC

This post was written by Jens Secker

(Image rights: istockphoto.com/Pgiam)

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