October 2, 2020 11:43 am


Debitos launches new premium model for buyers and sellers

Debitos GmbH provides buyers and sellers with a range of additional functions as part of a new premium model. The main feature is an analysis tool that provides participants of the credit marketplace with a wide range of statistics. This makes the buying and selling process much easier, explains Debitos CEO Timur Peters: “As a result of our activities in recent years, we have naturally collected a large amount of market data which we can now make available to the participants in our marketplace. This will increase transparency and help our customers to make their buying and selling decisions even better and faster. In this way, we not only simplify the processes on our platform, but also increase the success of transactions and thus customer satisfaction”.

The new premium model is available for buyers at 495 euros per month. In addition to detailed market statistics and additional search and sorting functions, premium buyers have the option of a so-called “Buy Order”. This gives investors the opportunity to submit steady buy–now offers for specific credit positions. “This function has long been in demand by investors. For example, anyone interested in a particular company can now publish corresponding buy prices for selected credit positions. This of course gives sellers, e.g. in the Schuldschein market, , very good orientation and speeds up the sales process even more,” explains Timur Peters.

The premium section of Debitos also offers a number of advantages for the sellers of the loans: Premium members do not have to pay any placement fees as part of the sales process, which otherwise amount to 5,000 euros per transaction. The closing fee is also reduced by 20 percent. In addition, sellers benefit from extended rights and functions to optimise and accelerate the sales process. “The model is beneficial for banks and companies right from the first transaction,” explains Timur Peters. A premium membership for sellers is 995 euros per month.

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