December 4, 2020 3:29 pm

EBA study: Many bank loans affected by payment extensions

Many businesses and individuals have made use of payment moratoria and other measures taken by many EU countries to limit the effects of COVID-19. This is the result of a study published at the end of November by the European Banking Authority (EBA). According to the study, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular made use of the moratoria and delayed the repayment of due bank.

As of June 2020, a nominal loan volume of EUR 871 billion was granted moratoria on loan repayments, comprising about 6% of banks’ total loans and close to 7.5% of total loans to households and firms. In total, 16% of SME loans were granted moratoria, followed by 12% of commercial real estate loans and 7% of residential mortgage loans. The use of moratoria was widely dispersed across countries and banks, with a few banks reporting that almost 50% of their total loans to firms and households were subject to moratoria.

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