Transactional advisor

Advantages of using Debitos for your mandates

Use a proven technology to increase your sales results, reduce your efforts and expand your service capabilities!

Gain access to a daily growing investor database

The Debitos investor platform categorizes investors by country, trading category and ticket size and updates the provided information in defined cycles. The platform is centralized and grows each day so that you get for each transaction the right investors for your customer.

Complete process control

Only you select the buyers you wish to grant access to the auction of your customer. You also determine the auction’s duration and set a reserve price that must be met for a transaction to close.

Manage 5 instead of 1 transaction

While using a centralized scalable platform you can split up big portfolios in parallel transactions or even manage 3-5 customer transactions from different customers at the same time.

Freeing-up resources and increase your profitability

Forget about filling out Excel-Sheets with Q&As or wasting time in long price negotiations with different buyers. Use clear sales conditions and an optimized process for Buyers and Sellers to make the transaction as smooth as possible and reducing the transaction time with a factor up to 5x.

Expand your service capabilities

Maybe you have concentrated in the past on transactions above € 200 Mio and 1-2 trading classes. Now you can advise in a profitable way also lower volume transactions and even single tickets in up to 12 different trading categories.

Highest security standards

The data of your customer is encrypted for transfer and stored in a computer center that meets the high security requirements of the German Banking Act (“Kreditwesengesetz”).

Tradable products


Loans against corporates/public entities

  • Performing backed / not backed with real estate
  • Non-performing backed / not backed with real estate

Loans against individuals

  • Non-performing backed / not backed with real estate


  • Bankruptcy
  • Litigation

Real estates

  • All kinds of real estates

How it works for sellers

Step 1:

Selection of financial products to sell on the Debitos Marketplace

Step 2:

Data upload, setting the reserve price and duration for the auction

Step 3:

Due diligence, valuation and bidding by investors. The highest bid wins

Step 4:

Transfer of documents in exchange for the purchase price


Fee structure

Indicative phase:

€ 5.000

Project work data preparation on site:

1/2 Day

Senior per day
€ 500

Junior per day
€ 300

We want to be as successful as you. Therefore we charge a fee, but only after a successful sale. In the process, the fee for the sale depends on the category and the volume.

Please feel free to contact us if you are uncertain about a reserve price. We offer total transparency in every case.

Decreasing Model

We relay on long term partnerships where we focus on supporting transaction advisors in the best possible way. This is why we determine a fee model individually depending on your goals and common targets with Debitos. Don´t hesitate to contact us to make a web presentation or to arrange a possible meeting.