September 7, 2016 4:01 pm


"Notleidende Kredite – Online-Börse als Ausstieg” by Timur Peters published on latest edition of “Bank und Markt” (09/2016)

For the latest edition of “Bank und Markt” Timur Peters wrote an article about the current situation of the sector for Non-Performing Loans.
In the article, Mr. Peters writes how the process of divesting a Non-Performing Loan changed in comparison to the process used before, which included to divest high-flying portfolios. In consequence of this only investment banks and equity-funds, who can invest into multi-billion dollar portfolios, had entrance to this market but small investor groups were excluded.
Even ECB wants companies to divest their Non-Performing Loans by now which means that companies are selling their NPLs in smaller portfolios. That implies access to distressed investments for small companies and investor groups and brings new liquidity to the market and balances the sheet relief for banks.
Due to a NPL stock of 20%, especially Italy and its financial institutes are endangered in this economically bad situation on the capital market.
Therefore, Debitos tries to internationalize their offer of selling NPLs in an auction.
Due to partners in the D-A-CH region and international partnerships with e.g. DCC Financial Group, Debitos is on its way.

This post was written by Ugur Bayazit


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